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Alien Impeachment Episode 0
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Some Articles, Documents & Links
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Other Info - Source / Source
article: Treason of the Mainstream Democrats
The Political Crimes of Complicity
(Iraq War etc. & Impeachment)
Article by Richard W. Behans
originally published 11/12/07 on
article: The Tragedy of a Dozen Evil Men Article by Paul Craig Roberts
originally published 3/1/07 on

article: The Indictment:
United States v George W.Bush et al.

Excerpt from book by Elizabeth de la Vega
originally published 12/1/06 on
article : Key Bush intel brief kept from Hill (11/22/05) Some background on Bush Admin use of Iraq war Intelligence
originally published in National Journal.
article : Ex-CIA official: Bush administration misused Iraq intelligence (2/10/06) Summary of article by CIA's national intelligence officer for Near East & South Asia 2000 to 2005 - Paul R. Pillar, from
article : Senate report on prewar intelligence 8/9/06 Originally published in the Washington Post
article : Iraqi death toll (10/16/06) Originally published in Japan Times
House Resolution 333 - 110th U.S. Congress :
Impeaching Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors


Supporting Documents for H Res 333 available at Dennis Kucinich webpage:
Conyers' Report - Constitution in Crisis - Summary (Aug 2006): PDF 4 page summary of US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee minority report on the Bush Administration (John Conyers Jr - ranking member) August 2006
Conyers' Report - Complete (Aug 2006): PDF (big file - 5 MB) 273 page complete report (August 2006)
http://AfterDowningStreet.Org Good source of documentation and information on the Iraq war and Bush Administration Extensive reference material regarding the Iraq war, compiled at the University of Michigan



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